What The Organization Birthright Really Does And Why It’s Good For All Women


Birthright doesn’t picket, protest, or lobby against abortion. Staff and volunteers are not allowed to push their political, religious, or any personal beliefs on the mothers we serve. It also doesn’t take ANY government funding. It merely thrives off of charitable donors to offer mothers free health care and any other services they need to thrive and care for their baby, or set up an adoption.

It’s such a happy place that offers women more “health care” options than just killing an unborn child. This is because they actually care about babies and their families long after they’re born. No matter how often far-leftists scream, “Pro-lifers only care about babies until they’re born!” ~How original~

Without pro life women like me Crisis Nurseries, Birthright, adoption support, and many other women’s services wouldn’t exist. Because we care. We always do. We even care for women who have had abortions. I am one. And abortion regret plagues so many women, yet they suffer in silence because pro-abortion talk is everywhere and once you have one, no one cares about your body anymore. The pro-choice movement often only seems to care about women when they wish to terminate a pregnancy. They don’t acknowledge the fact that 1 in 3 women suffer from psychological trauma after having an abortion.


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