Thank You for Making Missy’s Memorial Possible

After my husband’s cousin was killed by her ex in front to her children last week (before he offed himself), a lot of us didn’t know what to do. The main goal was, of course, to care for her little boys. In addition, the family has worked to set up a lovely memorial for today with the money raised through her gofundme campaign.

It nearly reached it’s goal and that makes such a difference in bearing this burden:

I can’t thank everyone enough. Your donations and just prayers and well-wishes have been such a blessing. Her 2 year old was experiencing trauma seizures, but they have leveled off. Her 6 year old is taking it the hardest because he watched both of his parents die horribly. He’s angry and frustrated at the world and everyone is coming together to help him cope with it all. Hopefully, in time, the love and care he receives will help restore his sense of security and faith in humanity.

As always, anytime something like this happens I try to make sense of it by reaching out to others. If you’re experiencing aggression problems, addiction issues, or abuse, please seek help. It can make such a difference, even save lives. Help doesn’t have to be clinical. Sometimes just talking with a trusted family member is enough to gain control. However you find a way to heal and live well, I want to encourage and support that.

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