What Is The Most Regretted College Major?


This is exactly what most people should think. Although earning a degree in feminist yoga might sound fun, and I actually know someone who went into massive debt earning a religious music degree, fine arts majors and humanities degrees do NOT offer solid job prospects with good pay, AND many of the fields that these programs train students for don’t even require a college education to earn a position.

I know too many writers who cannot quit their day job, yet have obtained a MFA. It is always great to learn more and grow your skills, but students have to be smart. Spending tens of thousands of dollars to earn a piece of paper that tells people you can do something everyone else can do is kind of useless. Plenty of successful authors and journalists DO NOT have a 4-year degree. I am one of them. I write for a living. It’s my bread and butter; the only way that I support my family, yet I only have an AA (and I only got that because it was affordable and offered me the ability to gain a little extra knowledge).

If I ever went into a bachelor’s program it would be to move up in my career, and thankfully I’ve had plenty of opportunities opened up to me without needing any more education than what experience has gifted me.

Yes, knowledge is power, but knowledge isn’t just gained by sitting in a factorized system being taught the same thing as thousands of other students. Education doesn’t start and stop in the classroom. It’s a lifelong process that can be expanded upon through any exchange of information with anyone you meet.

Picking the right college major when choosing to enter into specific fields is one of the most important things a young adult will do, but thankfully they can always change their mind or pursue other endeavors later. I didn’t get my degree until I was 30. My mom was 50 when she finally got hers. What truly matters is that students set realistic goals and make education/career choices based on tangible, attainable, desires for the future.


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