How Can Teachers Expect to Regain Support from Parents?

“I do not have an education degree, but I have worked in professional writing for over a decade.  My lengthy experience working with various genres has offered just as much credibility as any teaching certificate.  Instead of learning from someone who has only been trained to teach, my students are gaining insider knowledge from someone who writes for a living.  In exchange, I am rejuvenated with hope for the future as I teach creative writing to upper elementary students and also high school journalism.”

Don’t fall for the “only experts can do anything” rhetoric.

And what exactly is an expert? Someone whose only skill is to follow instructions handed down to them by big government entities… Stuffed shirts raised by corporate fascist academia… Or someone who has earned their way by working hard and improving their skills?

I trust regular everyday people to know more about life and survival than the new adults being raised by Marxist indoctrination camps (pardon me, I think some people still call them universities). Co-ops are amazing organizations which cut out the fat and encourage children to actually think critically.


When teachers are community volunteers who educate their own kids at home, they have more respect for the families involved in group-led learning processed. There is no room for political bias and hatred. Public school teachers could learn a lot from re-connecting with the families they are supposed to serve.

4 thoughts on “How Can Teachers Expect to Regain Support from Parents?

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 To Be Fair some teachers at some “Schools” don’t force Round Pegs in to Square Holes and vice versa 😉 👍🏾 😀 😜 👌🏾 😄 😉 I was often described in “School” Reports as ‘Could Do Better’ by The Proponents of The Different Shaped Pegs in Different Shaped Holes Teaching Model EveryOne; then I had an Epiphany EveryBody, that it’s OK to Switch Off in a ClassRoom, it’s OK to Fail Exams…in Summary some ARE Cut Out To Be Clone Professionals 😉 👍🏾 😀 🙄 😄 👏🏾 😉 and some, like Me, ARE Cut Out To Be “Creative” Types and Diverse; this is with respect to ALL the Clones that Produce STUFF!!! On Production Lines that We ALL Utilise


  2. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 There is a Robin Williams, may he R.I.P, movie 🎬 ‘Dead Poets Society’ that depicts what could happen if “educators” were more courageous EveryOne; yet education is like all walks of 3DLife, basically, we are courageous enough to leave our Comfort Zones or we are NOT!!! EveryBody


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