Anyone Can Homeschool

I spent this weekend doing what I do most weekends, teaching my children. Although most kids are forced into the Monday-Friday routine, my husband and I both work and our homeschooling schedule is based on our family’s individual needs (and tag team teaching).

So often I hear parents say that they wish they could homeschool. They can’t possibly imagine teaching in the evenings or on weekends. God forbid someone learn something on a bank holiday or during a Sunday afternoon!

We’ve all been there. The majority of Americans have been conditioned to believe that children have to go to school early in the morning and come home in the afternoon throughout the week. Sure it’s a schedule that works for some families, but due to the changing nature of work schedules and societal needs, this outdated timing doesn’t always suit parents who wish to take control of their children’s education.

Taking that leap, that step out of the system is a huge jump. It’s something I was forced to do when the public schools in my area lost accreditation about a decade ago. My family didn’t turn their back on public schools, public schools failed us.

Now that more failures have become widespread, more parents are seeking alternatives. While some parents can afford private school, many of those institutions still subscribe to mainstream peer pressure — like masking children and isolating them from the much needed social interactions that shape how they interact with others.

“But it’s expensive!” I hear someone out there crying, making yet another excuse because they’re scared and looking for an out. No. Homeschooling is not expensive. Khan academy is free. Public libraries are taxpayer funded (you already paid for them, why not use them?), Sites like charge minimal fees and produce better results than public schools are turning out.

There is a world of free and affordable teaching resources out there. Learning about these and utilizing them empower parents with the confidence they need to teach and share education experiences with their children — instead of outsourcing those responsibilities to others.

I’ve been doing this for years now. I have 4 children and another on the way. My eldest is 12 and studying for her SATs and ACTs because she plans to graduate early and start her own business.

There is no one timeline for any student. There is no schedule that parents HAVE to use to ensure that their children are receiving the best education possible. Use your weekends, your nights, and your afternoons; whatever time you have to ensure that your children know that learning is an ongoing process. It doesn’t start and stop in the classroom.

And if you’re still unsure, nab a copy of my book, “Homeschooling on a Budget.” This is packed with every resource imaginable. It lists free and affordable materials, lessons, and ideas to help build a well-rounded engaging curriculum that individualizes the learning process:


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