Adding the fun

So the kiddos and I are volunteering for a breast cancer benefit today, and we get the BEST job. We’re doing face painting and making animal balloons.

(Finding a good FREE face painting key was not easy, so I made my own. I really hope it doesn’t repel anyone haha)

When I was 12 I was a clown. Not the class clown, but a balloon twisting-rainbow haired-blow up shoes-come to your party and make your kids laugh-clown. Jingles the Jolly clown. I even had business cards haha

It was a fun gig that lasted a few years (until everyone started hating clowns). Being able to make people laugh and spread joy is something I’ll never tire of. Thankfully the wig is gone and so is the rest of my clown outfit, but kids still love balloon animals, jokes, and face painting. So I still do those at parties and such sometimes. Just for family, really.

Being able to help someone close to me through this difficult time offers a bit of control in an out-of-control situation. Knowing how many others have donated raffle items, and that so many of us are also bringing baked goods to sell for fund raising also brings us all closer together.

Just baking everything yesterday with my kids made me happy to be involved. And that’s something I hope everyone remembers. When a lot of us think of charity we think of funding: money. While that often helps, it is the little things that also get people through the worst times.

The economy is so bad right now, a lot of us are hurting for fundage, but we can always lend an ear, make something sweet, or contact businesses for sponsorship.

Adding the fun is an extra special treat that everyone needs, especially when they’re sick. So today we’re focused on inspiring smiles and love. No matter what happens we’re coming together to help out and that’s one of the greatest aspects of being human. We know how to unite to help each other pull through.

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