His name is NOT CARL! (And there will be no Gary)

I’m 6 months pregnant and pretty sure we’re having a boy. Just a hunch, but still.. this has left our house divided.

(We can only agree on girl names and I never find out what I’m having until the baby comes.)

My husband really loves the name Garrison and I’m pretty fond of it EXCEPT that I know the poor kid will be called Gary. My youngest RN keeps getting nicknamed Carl by everyone even though that is NOT his name. It’s what happens when you name a kid something like Carlin.

But no matter what, I am NOT having a Carl AND a Gary!

Baby naming is such a strange part of parenting. There’s all this pressure. It just makes me hope I’m wrong and that we’re having a girl haha

Tell me all your weird name stories so I can stop obsessing over this insanity, please.


2 thoughts on “His name is NOT CARL! (And there will be no Gary)

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    πŸ’œ I Suggest Arthur, Lancelot or Guinevere; she won’t forgive you for the third one but Morgana might work


    1. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

      Arthur’s out, ex BF of mine. Lancelot is cool but Lance is too fruity for me. Guinevere just gets reduced to Gwen and I already had a Gwen in one of my books and she’s my only Gwen. Morgana just doesn’t suit my girls… IDK. Too damn picky I guess haha Though I do love the Arthurian legends

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