Just look at my new book cover!!! #CoverReveal

What a beauty!

I’m always amazed at what book cover artists can do and THIS is pure magic. It perfectly embodies my upcoming release, “The Magic of Trees.”

This book isn’t just about reconnecting with nature and meditation (my usual work), it specifically draws out our own tree energies that help strengthen our instincts so we can better navigate life with proper intuition and insight. There are chapters on finding your inner child to enjoy life as it is, as well as sections on music, personal power, parenting, and growing our own gardens/forests.

There will be giveaways and all sorts of fun coming next month when pre-orders open and we gear up for the February 25th release day!

I’m so happy to spread the love and joy that comes with understanding tree magic and all of those special connections we develop through faith and spirituality.

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