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I will be on The Speculative Fiction Cantina tonight at 5pm CST answering questions and reading from my book By the Stars.

By the Stars Cover final

This is my first official radio show so I’m gearing up to amaze you all. haha Hopefully I won’t make too much of a fool of myself. People generally like my interviews, apparently I’m an entertaining individual.

I mean, I do post things like this on a regular basis:

I’m looking forward to getting to actually speak to readers, with my voice! So often writers hide behind the written word. I can see why it’s easy to hide from the more intimate aspects of appearances, video, and radio when you’re constantly trying to finish a project. But clearly I am not one of those writers. I love having fun with people. Getting to connect through different media outlets is a great way to share the human connection.

I don’t write just because I love books. (Though I do love them)

I write to share my craziness in the hopes that other people might want to share some of theirs. (I don’t expect everyone to do so. But when they do I wanna skip around the room)

There will be much skipping today. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to reach wider audiences through these kinds of avenues. I think it’s exceptionally poignant that I will be featured on The Speculative Fiction Cantina the day after Thanksgiving.

I have been very fortunate in my writing career and I have a great deal to be Thankful for every day of the year.

So pop on and take a listen. If you can’t tune in during the live broadcast, it will be online for anytime listening. Here:

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