Radio Awesomness

I had the pleasure of being featured on The Speculative Fiction Cantina, a radio show devoted to sci-fi and fantasy literature and it was awesome!

You can listen to it here:

Not only did I get to have fun answering questions and learn about another featured writer’s work, but I also got to read a large portion of the first chapter of my novella By the Stars. Reading my own writing to others is part of the joys of being an author. I’m not a shy person. I’m not a real writer. My true talent is storytelling. Telling stories and writing down tales are very similar, but that are two different things.

I’ve had to learn how to capture words on paper, because it is an art form that is more trying than standing before a group and weaving a tale through the oral tradition. When I get to read one of my books, it mixes the two together.


I used to get nervous. Reading specific words leaves more room for error, whereas allowing a story to shape through live performance offers creative spontaneity. As my writing career continues to bud, I am growing more comfortable with readings and doing this radio show has made me hungry to do more.

There is something about allowing our auditory senses to take over. I’m one of those people who love being read to and reading out loud. When my readers enjoy my work to the point that they wish to listen to me, I feel more connected to them than ever.

I’ll be seeking out more radio and podcast opportunities in the future. Connecting with others is basically why I do what I do. Thanks to everyone who listened!


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