Oh the Books I Read This Year!

It’s that time…

Not not time to get wasted on rum and eggnog (Okay maybe that too), but since we have this fun little website called goodreads I can go back and look over all the books I read this year. So here we are.

How Many Books Did I Read?

Drum roll please…and remember, slush and books I worked on editing don’t count…so this may seem a little thin…but 28. (Seems on the shy side to me, but that’s because of all the unpublished works I’ve also read haha)

 So which were my favs?

Wild Ink will probably always be at the top at thanks to Richard Smyth’s unparalleled writing. I read it to reward myself when I’ve read enough new books (that and Jane Eyre of course which is a given at this point)


Favorites that I should have read a long time ago

I finally got off my ass and read The Last Unicorn and The Princess Bride which are of course hilarious and beautiful and something you should all go read right now. Seriously, why are you reading about me reading, get away from this blog post and delve into something real. haha


Most Unputdownable

AND after years of tiptoeing around, I also read my first Stephen King novel. Umm…yeah…kicking myself for not having read The Gunslinger sooner (Thanks for making me read it Dash) but now all’s right in the land of reading awesomeness. I read this over the course of like 2 days, just couldn’t stop.


Favorite Surprisingly great book 

Oh and I can’t leave out Unknown Sender by Ryan Lanz. If you don’t follow his blog you should and he clearly knows his shit cuz this novelette is a great fucking read. Loved it!


Favorite Beautifully Written 

This one goes to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. The descriptions in that novel are beyond anything any other author I have read is capable of. And somehow I find this book uplifting despite all the pain portrayed within it.

Best one to get me Laughing

Armed and Fabulous. I nabbed this when it was free on kindle and it was a lot of fun. The rest of the series isn’t as great, but it was enough.

My most well loved reading spot

I spent a great deal of time walking around barefoot in my backyard reading the works of best selling author Ian Thomas Malone. I feel that it is the only way to truly enjoy A Trip Down Reality Lane especially.

a trip

I wish I could reread everything

Even if I hate a book. Think it’s absolute shit, I have some strange desire to read it again. Every read is different and sometimes what you hated before becomes beloved as you warm to a story.

I should probably draw this out longer, but instead I’m just going to list all the books I managed to read in what little free time I have:

1. Wild Ink by Richard Smyth

2. Unknown Sender by Ryan Lanz

3. The Princess Bride by William Goldman

4. The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle

5. The Gunslinger by Stephen King

6. Hard Evidence by Mark Pearson

7. A Trip Down Reality Lane by Ian Thomas Malone

8. Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King

9. Courting Mrs. McCarthy by Ian Thomas Malone

10. Armed and Fabulous by Camilla Chafer

11. Five College Dialogues by Ian Thomas Malone

12. Five More College Dialogues by Ian Thomas Malone

13. The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostovesky

14. Fairly Decent Drivel by Michael Leonard

15. Poems From the River by Kurt Brindley

16. The Devil in Midwinter by Elise Forier Edie

17. Samaria Warrior Princess by Jaxx Summers

18. Common Sense by Thomas Payne

19. A Dark Perfection by Mark James

20. Glamour by Andrea Jones

21. Taming Fate by Amanda Dillin

22.  Who Glares Wins by Camilla Chafer

23. Junior Inquisitor by Lincoln Farrish

24. 1964 by James Farner

25. Excelsior by George Sirois

26. Call of the Herald by Brian Rathbone

27. The Complete Works of Confuscious

28. Setting by Jack M. Bickham

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