Life is a Comedy

The Gods sure love to laugh at us. It often feels that the irony of being alive is just beyond every punchline. Writing magnifies this. Any art form seems to magnify certain elements of the human condition. It’s why a lot of people enjoy it.

Writers are stereotyped as bitter, unhappy drunks. I love to joke that I am no writer because I love everything. There’s nothing like a good laugh, and depending on how you look at things everything has some humor to it.

giggle balls

Since I don’t fit the bill, I guess I’m not a writer but I am an author and an artist. If I can’t laugh at myself and the world around me I see no point in living. So why the hell haven’t I sat down and written a true comedy yet?

Some people say that laughing at everything is a coping mechanism, I was also diagnosed as bipolar YEARS ago (who hasn’t been haha). But not the usual breed of “I get really depressed at times” bi-polar. Mine is on the other end. There are days where I cannot control the laughter, or my incessant need to enjoy life no matter what the hell happens. It sounds great, but when you have to fight not to smile at a funeral because crying isn’t an option, it is worse than the widely accepted down swings of depression, painful.

People don’t understand. And that’s where my writing comes in. I don’t know that anyone would want to read a comedy that came from my grab-bag-of-fun brain. I’d probably piss everyone off and offend half the population (if they read it haha).


So of course, being me, this makes me want to write one even more. Sure I always mix humor into everything I write, but after this week I may be ready to sit down and Mark Twain the fuck out of everything. Just for fun. heehee

My divorce was finalized yesterday. We had a good run. 7 years of marriage, 15 years together, 2 awesome little girls and a lot of laughs. Unlike most of the people I know who’ve gone through a divorce, we’ve been able to admit fault on both ends and reconcile that our friendship has to survive the death of our romantic relationship.

A lot of things can bring a marriage to it’s ruin: societal pressures, being an obsessive writer, musician, and artist, workaholism, the influences of connections with other people, stress and whatnot. But having to take a state required parenting class, watching a self-represent video made by the courts, and watching the court assistant play on her phone after the judge just said to turn off cell phones are all the most ridiculous parts of this process that my X-husband and I were able to laugh about during the course of our divorce.

divorced socks

Somehow we made it through intact. I’m tempted to write a comedy mocking the entire divorce process. The question is, has it been done before? In the style I would like to use? Would people enjoy it the way I intend, or will they get their knickers in a twist?

I don’t usually worry about offending anyone with my work. It’s mine and I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it, because that is what the art of writing is all about: self expression. Still, when traveling new avenues of genre hopping I do question myself. All writers should.

No matter the answers, it’s still worth exploring. Every idea is always worth exploring. If you’re out there holding something inside of you because you doubt it, that means it’s that’s much more important to you. More personal. So after my June hiatus, who knows what will explode from my fingertips. I have a cannon full of ideas ready to sit and wait for the light it needs to really go off.

Life is one big fucking comedy. Write your shit. Not just your pain. Write it all. Let us share your laughs AND your tears. That’s what I wish to read, but I’m a silly floof who wants it all. haha

7 thoughts on “Life is a Comedy

  1. believeinorange says:

    Loved this article! I definitely understand the bit about laughing at a funeral–not that I’m laughing at the event, it’s just more times then not I have this compulsive urge to bust out roaring during really serious occasions.

  2. Karina Pinella says:

    It’s healthy to express yourself, be it by laughing or crying, to release the pain. Good to maintain a sense of humor. At this time it may be a dark comedy. In time, you might have a rom-com.

  3. Shannon Noel Brady says:

    With how much I laugh at your hilarious tweets, I know that I would LOVE a comedy by you! The divorce idea isn’t one I’ve seen much before, plus you’ve got the personal experience, and I’m sure tons of other people will relate, so that idea sounds like a winner!

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