The Golden Rule Cover Reveal!!!

Genre hopping is freedom. You can write what fits the story best without having to worry about fitting characters into boxes. But writing for children is one of the greatest, most rewarding endeavors. Most days, it is my favorite genre to write in.

Young minds are not judgmental, angry, cynical, or political.  There is an eagerness to learn, a love of life and wonder that drives budding minds to look beyond what they know.

I wrote this book a couple of years ago. It was right after the release of my first children’s book My Family Is Different. I never expected that to be as accepted and loved as it has been. We hit #18 in our genre on amazon, and though that does not make me a big shot in the publishing industry, it did give me the opportunity to go out and hear from readers on multiple occasions.

“Thank you for writing this,” is the most common praise I hear. I want to thank YOU for helping to spread the love. Everyone is different and that’s what makes us the same. Life is one big contradiction, but we can all have fun along the way. TOGETHER.

The projected release is set for May, so stay tuned and keep spreading the love!

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