She’s Flowing!

Books are everywhere. Free books. Kindle books. Books that grow hair…well maybe not those yet. BUT it’s difficult to stand out in a market filled with more creators than supporters.

Most authors keep going for the love of it. Getting paid is helpful, we all need to eat and live somewhere, and MAYBE even have the luxury of wearing clothes. I’ve finally hit a point where my stories are taking off.

It’s not easy. The constant ups and downs make you crazy in this business. That’s why I nearly fell over when I hopped online and found out that my latest short story release, “Headstones,” Has gone up to #36 in Lit & Fic on amazon!

This is the story of all my stories. I cried over it, poured my heart out, bled into every line. My skills are still growing but the publisher was pleased, the reviews are glowing, and I’m sitting here shocked, inspired, and awed.

Everyone wants to act cool and say: I’ve got this. But even the most confident artist of any medium has reservations about sharing their work.

My first children’s book climbed all the way to #18 in it’s genre in 2014. Last year a Chicken Soup for the Soul book featuring one of my memories hit #10. These numbers may not be New York Times Bestselling, but they remind me that you are listening. When my pieces do well it tells me that I am progressing further.

If you’ve nabbed a copy, I cannot thank you enough. If you haven’t-it’s free on Kindle Unlimited, or only 99 cents otherwise. Give it a try. My readers are the BEST readers.

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