Gab Gab Gab

I could talk about writing all day. I blog about it enough, and spend countless hours actually doing it. It’s a profession and an art that combine logic and feeling in a way that forces me to over analyze the world around me.


A gift and a curse I would say.


When it comes to technique, style, and success, I don’t know that I have much authority on either subjects but for some reason people keep listening and reading my work and for that I am grateful. I know I’m one lucky (blessed, star loved) bitch and I won’t forget that anytime soon.


Today I confirmed a new speaking engagement. I’ve done a few lectures and one panel so far, but always at home. Come April I’ll be expanding to my home-away-from home in Green Bay, Wisconsin where my husband grew up. I never realized it before I met him but apparently most famous authors lived at or at least wrote something in Wisconsin at some point in their lives so I’m on my way. haha

Come April 21st and 22nd I will be participating as a guest speaker and panelist for the annual Untitled Town event. There are 7 different venues in 12 different rooms with numerous speakers and I’ll have more specifics later.

My main speaking point will be on “Indie Insanity” Saturday Apr. 21st at 10am. I’ll be annoying you all with the ins and outs of indie publishing. Especially the dos and don’ts-because there are so damn many of them!


Then later on that afternoon at 2pm I’ll be sitting in on a panel about “Kid Lit and How to Write for a Young Audience.” You’d think writing for children is easy, but the smaller the work and the younger the audience, the more scrutiny your stories undergo.



And last of all Sunday April the 22nd I’ll be sitting on the 10 am panel on “Dark Magic-writing fantasy for YA and adults.”

dark magic

All of these times are subject to change but they should stick. If there’s anything I love more than writing, it’s talking about writing. Taking a step away from my work to offer advice helps me to understand myself and my process better while helping other writers and even my readers to find more in the stories they experience.


I will try to record what I can, and will be storming your social media feeds with all the behind-the-scenes silliness.

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