Less than 3 to go! (Lots of Work to do)

Life is always living. There’s always new content to write, read, and explore. But this year my first major worldwide release with Llewellyn is coming and we’re now just under 3 months away (barring an astroid hitting the Earth or something).

Yes, “The Magic of Nature,” is working it’s way to print. I could use the “blood, sweat, and tears” cliche here, but that wouldn’t properly illustrate what it takes to get a book out there.

Work, time, and money is really what makes for success nowadays. No I’m not a workaholic, and I’m definitely not wealthy by monetary definitions, but to get anywhere in any form of media a writer has to accept that hard work is not enough. Time is required to build the skills needed to craft talent. And talent, even when recognized, can only go so far.

Maybe I’ve been an indie author for too long, but I know that marketing is the name of the game. I’ve never been a huge fan of pay-for-promos. That sets us little peons up for a long hard road if not failure.

But in all honesty, social media accounts don’t really bolster sales as much as we writers like to pretend. I left Twitter, facebook, and instagram ages ago and my sales have not changed. If anything they’ve increased. Why?

Well, do any of you go onto your social media accounts to buy things?

I know I don’t. I like connecting with others and joking around. Social media can be a fun place for that, but the tech wall still makes it stiff. I’m more of an in-person character.

Books signings, workshops, and other events are what give me a better connection with my readers. That’s not to say that social media doesn’t get names circulated. It does. But that’s not why I write. I’m not a brand. I’m not a jar of peanut butter waiting for someone to slap a label on me. (mmmmm peanut butter)

My work is about stronger meanings. That means I have to accept that if I am a good enough writer, I will make enough money to sometimes have to put down a little fee to bump my name up in a newsletter, be featured on a website, or get a solid book tour (and have peanut butter).

I will never encourage anyone to pay to get published, reviewed, or take out loans to pay over-inflated rates to marketing/publishing vampires. But laying out a $5 or $10 fee here and there isn’t so bad if you’re getting paid to write.

My rule with payments and royalties is a perfect rule of 3. 1 portion for charity, one for myself, and one has to go back into the work.

How others do it is up to them, but I hope that my experiences can aid others in their journeys and maybe inspire them to read some of what I sweat over.

4 thoughts on “Less than 3 to go! (Lots of Work to do)

  1. SpookyMrsGreen says:

    I see your point! For me though, I do notice a drop in my meagre royalty payments when I neglect to promote my books on social media. There will be no book signings or public events in the UK for a long time so online is all we have. I had better turn to my spell book for support… 😉

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