Millennial (Did I spell that right?) Pagan Podcast

I’m so excited to be an upcoming gust on the Millennial Pagan Podcast. The pre-interview was so fun and everyone has been really cool about my new book.

Side note: I am an older millennial but I can never get the spelling wrong. Maybe if I type it enough in this post I will finally realize it has both 2 Ls and Ns? I think that’s right…. right… Millennial!

Whatever, the main reason I’m on here today is because I’m going on The Millennial Pagan podcast and you should all check it out. Pagans aren’t exclusive. We’re not a club. We don’t go, “oh you don’t talk to fire sparks under the moonlight?” and scoff as if everyone has to be like us. At least not MY branch of Paganism haha

My mom is a Christian, my husband is a Jewish mystic, and my sister is a Catholic Atheist (it really is a thing.. basically you don’t really believe in god but you understand the importance of organized belief… whatever works, works so I’m down with it).

Either way, the point is, my faith and spirituality is better serves when sharing the universal similarities we all have, instead of arguing over petty differences or looking down on someone because they’re not in your “club.”

So I’m going on this podcast, which has that fun Millennial word in it, because there are a lot of Millennials and I’m one of the older ones who sometimes feels the need to pass on some knowledge in the hopes that we can become, maybe, a bit wiser. We’ll be discussing my new Llewellyn book, “The Magic of Nature,” which is all about living a life of fulfillment and connection. The modern world moves so fast that nature is my reprieve. It keeps me grounded. It reminds me that no matter what happens the Earth has been here long before us, and it stands a pretty good chance of outliving us, no matter how much we try to alter its ways.

I’ll be linking everyone to the episode soon, but I had to pop on and just offer my excitement, because at the end of the day it’s always about spreading love. That’s it. I just want everyone to smile a bit more and love themselves, others, and their surroundings as much as they can.

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