Everything You Need To Know About Homebirthing From Someone Who’s Done It Four Times


It’s funny how true some cliches are, but everything really does happen for a reason. Last week I opened up about something I’ve been internalizing for nearly 20 years, this week I wanted to offer something more fun and lighthearted, because that’s really where most of my thoughts go–to the fluffy angel food cakey ideas that deserve a lot more time than we give them.

So I wrote a piece for Evie that explores homebirthing. I’ve had 4 natural homebirths, and though each was different and all but 1 had some complications, everything turned up roses and I really love highlighting the benefits of bringing your child into the world in the home they will come to love. There is nothing like getting to lay in your own bed with your new baby right after giving birth. It’s euphoric.

I do not, of course,look down on anyone who’s had a hospital birth, gone to a birthing center, or found themselves accidentally having a baby in the back seat of a car. This is not a “my way is better than yours” route. I never take that haha

But it is a, this is what I do and why I did it and what it’s like, take. Because that’s what my writing is all about. Sharing the love and enjoying our different paths.


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