What You Should Know About HPV Before You Or Your Daughter Get The Vaccine


Apparently people are so afraid of HPV that they’re vaccinating their 11 and 12 year olds against the sexually transmitted infection at the behest of the CDC.

I had no idea until my ex tried to tell our shy 11 year old she needs it. It was so shocking and confusing that I did what I always do, I researched the fuck out of it. And by the CDC’s own findings the situation is laughable. Well, it would be infuriating if I was more serious, but I’d rather enjoy life than getting pissed all the time.

HPV doesn’t display symptoms or become cancerous in 99.9% of cases. Not even 1% of sexually active women get cancer from it. But thanks to ad campaigns and the CDC pimping out big pharma money makers, plenty of people have bought into the fear.

After the pandemic’s unscientific fearmongering over a virus that isn’t harmful or deadly to 99.97% of people, I don’t trust a single thing the CDC panders. I’ve never trusted ads for medicine, and I lost a lot of trust in the medical industry when my eldest had a bad reaction to a vaccine that was unnecessary for her.

If you want the data, and more on what happened with my daughter, please read on:


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