What The Fall Of Afghanistan Means For Girls And Women In The Middle East


By now most everyone knows what’s going on in Afghanistan. Overnight countless people lost their rights and are now living under terrorist rule. But it is the women and girls of the country that will feel it most harshly as their rights are stripped completely bare.

I read a lot of reports yesterday. Listened to Biden do what politicians (on both sides) do.

Some news sites wanted to play the blame game, others listed a short timeline, but nothing really dug into the heart of the issue or laid out the long series of events which led us here.

The Afghanistan War was a no-win situation from the start. Once again, Ron Paul was right. We should have gone in and got those connected to 9-11, punished them accordingly and got out. But instead we “paved the road to hell with good intentions” or so we’re led to believe depending on what you think.

I wrote this latest piece to offer the full scope of the situation and who is most affected by it. I don’t care who is wrong or right, who you voted for, or what you believe. Many women have been raped and murdered by the Taliban. Children have been married off as forced brides and education has been cut off. These are all things we saw in the 90s. How they came back so swiftly is beyond me.

Regardless, their pain should be our own.


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