Twitter whaaaaaa?

There’s been some talk of a strange Elon man (I think his last name is Musk), and the fact that he may or may not have purchased a substantial portion of Twitter’s stock…

IDK if any of you care, but I left the twitter scene nearly 2 years ago for various reasons

-They allowed videos of minors having sex to circulate even after those involved flagged the content

-Def too many cat videos

-They silenced people whose politics they didn’t like (conservatives, especially the smart ones)

-Too many hateful opponents of pineapple on pizza

-They censored serious information (regarding well known political frontrunners) that would have swayed elections

-They like to play monopoly (in real life)

You know, the usual garbage when it comes to seemingly evil big tech corporations that are totally NOT into global domination…

The thing is, my husband and I were discussing Mr. Musk’s new business venture, and honestly, if he truly takes over the company, cleans up it’s lax child abuse policies and helps reshape their twisted idea of free speech and allows people to have their damn say, I WILL come back. It’s not a promise, it’s a threat haha

My self-imposed exile has been fun though. I’m not entirely sure I really want to give it up. I’ve sold more books and articles than ever WITHOUT big tech, so should this come to pass, I’ll probably just go back to assaulting everyone with my thoughts on glitter and rainbows. You know, the useless fun stuff that the internet once ran on.

3 thoughts on “Twitter whaaaaaa?

  1. Mich says:

    Yo Jessica! You’re right, Elon has taken a major position as a Twitter shareholder to take over the company and put an end to all the CENSORSHIP. He despises Twitter and censorship and this will be his revenge — and of course good for us all.

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