Twitter Jail Already haha

Twitter always was a joke. People posting about what they ate and silly anecdotes about their kids. It was fun in the beginning. Then the censorship took over and started penalizing people for saying anything that doesn’t reinforce the mainstream media narrative.

Comedians were suddenly not allowed to tell jokes. Everyone had to agree or be punished. And if you had any conservative stances on anything, anything at all, you were suspended, banned, or canceled.

People who support this often say: Conservatives don’t want to suffer the consequences of their words.

I say: Many liberals and anti-freespeech activists don’t want to suffer the consequences of their actions but run around screaming about words.

It makes no sense. Words are just expressions of thoughts. And thankfully, for now, thinking is not a crime. No matter how vile a thought is, thought-crimes do not exist. Because they hold no weight in the real world. Anyone who is “harmed” by words is truly only harming themselves by obsessing over select words that offend them. And there is no constitutional right to be offended.

You can yell at me. Tell me to jump off a bridge. Call me a tranny as an insult (a liberal did that yesterday which seems like a leftist dogma to me–not very nice to the trans community). But your words… eh… they’re just words. Until someone acts on them, they’re just invisible air fluff. CO2 clouds rushing by your face. And you have a right to think and say whatever you want, no matter if we agree, disagree, or anything in between. It does nothing to shorten my lifespan.

Honestly, I never thought I’d go back to any big tech platform. I don’t need them. But plenty of publishers think people go there to buy stuff (which they don’t, but numbers and stats and appeasing the masses of bots to win a popularity contest and all that). Plus Elon Musk bought Twitter to restore freespeech, and I wholly support that and know it takes time to go through all that coding.

So I’m back in Twitter jail for posting articles with factual evidence that challenges narratives, expressing my personal opinions, and defending myself when someone who disagrees with me thinks that I should be silenced, raped, murdered, or whatever extreme insult they decide to try and scare me with. (And trust me, liberals are the only ones who have threatened me in those ways–never the “evil” conservatives. haha Funny how that goes.)

Honestly my 3 day”suspension” is really just a vacation to go on doing what I planned to do without having to play the game, and suffer through the halftime show of “publishers are out of touch.”

One thought on “Twitter Jail Already haha

  1. Dawn Pisturino says:

    Yeah, it’s way too soon to go back on Twitter because Elon hasn’t fired the people who need to be fired, the same algorithms are being used, and the government just signaled that they’re going [to try] to monitor free speech. Elon doesn’t even officially take over the company for six months. The only people being restored right now are famous people.

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