The planet needs more children, not fewer

Bear with me here. I know it sounds crazy. For decades now, westerners have been warned about the dangers of overpopulation. Our school systems have preached birth control and having less children, and now we’re seeing the damaging affects of what happens when those who care about the planet stop having children and leave the responsibility of raising the next generation to those who are not focused on human rights, individual freedoms, or protecting nature.

So many of us were taught that women who have lots of kids are uneducated and led to believe that “only stupid people are breeding.” But who is smarter, the person who allows their beliefs to die with them, or those who have a family and pass them onto their children?

I’ve discussed this in detail in my latest article. Thanks so much to The Conservative Woman out of the UK for running this piece. It’s not a topic many women’s magazines will take on, especially in the self-obsessed west.

2 thoughts on “The planet needs more children, not fewer

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Totally Agreed EveryOne, far too many Spinsters and Bachelors going to their graves “childless” but here’s The Rub EveryBody; it’s Crystal ðŸ”Ū Clear Clarity ðŸ”Ū that ðŸ”Ū We ARE ALL Different so identifying a suitable co-parent is a Far From Easy Endeavour especially for Same Sex Folk…when YOU’D THINK!!! Same Sex Folk should have Some Sort of Understanding of Each Other while Us Straight Folk Do NOT!!! Have An Inkling; for example I Have No Idea at ALL what is Going On in a Ladys Head ðŸĪŊðŸĪŠðŸĪŽ hence Being a hopeless, sad, “childless” Cynical DIVORCEE!!!Feeling Sorry for MySelf, My Ex-Wife who Terminated Twice and Hoping the Horrible Little Brats Turn Up at some stage 😉 😅 😜


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