Meditations to Reduce Holiday Stress

I love this time of year! I may or may not be experiencing a slight candy hangover, but there’s something uplifting and enlightening about remembering the simple things and strengthening the bonds with your inner child.

There is so much to be thankful for. Clothes, food, a place to stay…. these basic necessities are often taken for granted, but this time of year it’s easier to appreciate a little extra warmth and the wonder of decorating up a space.

Despite this, there are certain pressures that come with celebrations and holiday stress is REAL. It may be a 1st world problem, “Oh no, I have to enjoy time with family and friends, whatever shall I do?!” But there’s no escaping the fact that a lot of people have trouble slowing down and just having fun.

So for this month’s issue of Witch Way I laid out some simple, easy meditations that are holiday related. Just a way to get in the spirit without getting in over your head. These are designed to provide more control and relaxation as we head into the hubbub. (Yes I just used the word hubbub!)

So pick up a copy of the November issue. Or just stop and take some time to sip some tea and smile at the world. That always helps.


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