Open to Edit

cropped-p1030633.jpgOnce a writer gets published enough and works with enough editors they gain some sweet skills of their own. I have been honing my craft. Doing what I can for others.

The time has come. haha

I am officially offering editing services! I know how rough it is to self edit. It’s part of the job, but eventually there comes a time when you need a second pair of eyes. I am good at line edits and copy edits, so I’ve decided to offer an affordable combined service. When I go through a fellow author’s work I give more effort and care than I do with my own.

I’m always honored when other writers trust me with their work. It takes a lot of courage to do what we do. I have had great editing experience with the authors I have already worked with and I know I’ll have more.

Mixed race businesswoman jumping over gap between cliffs

If you’re not sure about your work and want to test me out, I charge by the page instead of the word. I would work for everyone for free if I could. I love reading, writing, words in general.

I’ll look after your project and make sure I get it back to you in a timely fashion.

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