Cut From The Same Cloth

The best memories make the most entertaining stories.

Last summer one of the funniest people I ever met died. Instead of crying about how much I missed him (I mean I hadn’t seen him in years and tears are just annoying), I decided to write down my fondest memory. As usual it led me down the path of writerly exploration and today it is featured in Buddy Lit Zine’s 5th issue.

It’s a free read that starts with an insane trip for fast food and ends with a hero.

Give it a look-see


5 thoughts on “Cut From The Same Cloth

  1. CarMac says:

    “Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizardpoisons Spock, Spock smashesscissors, scissors decapitates lizard,lizard eats paper, paper disprovesSpock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors.” 😥

      1. Karina Pinella says:

        Your writing history encourages me. When you wrote about how your earlier works seemed awkward and such but you continued to write and improve. Then as years passed, you progressed because you’re determined and you actually had work published with pretty established writers. So when I read your article, I saw the polish. That’s a great accomplishment. So many people, as you know, say “oh, I love to write or I must write, but it takes years to have that polish. The cleanliness of the writing without superfluous adverbs and adjectives and awkward passages.

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