What a great week!

Some pretty cool stuff happened this week. Sure there’s always some crap going on too, but I like to focus on the “happy little trees” in life.

I finally broke 1,000 blog followers!

I’ve been working on my website and writing posts since 2015 and I’ve learned a lot in that time. Mainly the fun of memes and laughing with you guys. We may not always agree, but I’m always up for some sillies.

Then, I reached a new high. Throughout my 10 years of pro-publishing I’ve had about 250 piece of work published. But it was a slow go at first. An article here a book there. That first year I maybe got a dozen things out, probably way less–like closer to 4 or something haha

This year, so far, I’ve now had 100 piece of writing published.

That’s insane. I know I write a lot. I never run out of ideas, content, and topics. If anything I get mad for not being able to write more. Some days I just wish I could write about EVERYTHING.

But hitting 100 in less than a year is such a gift. I am so damn lucky. I’ve worked with some great publications and publishers, and some not so great…

Even so, the ups and downs of the writing world are part of myself and my work.

And just as a little bonus, my latest title, “The Magic of Nature,” hit #69 in its genre on amazon. It’s fun to know that my work matters.

Now, I promise I’m not here to brag and go on and on about my success and how great I am. Yuck. I am def not the greatest writing in the world, but all over online I spot “aspiring writers” posting about how much they procrastinate. I’m no expert, but I do write for a living, and somehow I keep getting work.

So if you really want to know, the secret to success in publishing is being diligent, flexible, and pro-active. Look for jobs, know your worth, but don’t be afraid to negotiate. Oh yeah, and be cool. Friendliness is something that has helped me when my writing needs work, be prepared to make some changes for readability.

But in truth, you have to write to get published. And if you can’t write you need to get up and go do something. An adventure sparks creativity and literary gold.

Build a body of work and don’t stop. 1 success is great but it can be turned into 10 if you use that momentum to propel yourself forward in your craft.

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