Healing and Faith Through Homebirthing — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Healing and Faith Through Homebirthing — Edge of Humanity Magazine

As a child, my family didn’t have much. There were times when my mother had to write bad checks just so we could eat. I wore used clothes and was expected to pitch in whenever I could.

I was raised on faith. During periods when our family went long stretches without health insurance my mom would warn my sister and I, “Don’t get hurt. We can’t afford broken bones.”

My sister’s timid nature worked well with this, but being the daredevil of the family, I had to put more trust in myself and my fate whenever I climbed a tree, got into a fight, or flew off my bike and landed on my head. It was while living on faith that I realized the power of self-healing energies. If something went wrong I would will my body to withstand whatever happened.

I spent much of my ninth year of life in bed, sick. My energies were so drained that I was nearly held back in school. This was a turning point. I read as much as I could, studied different people, stories, and situations. Unlike movies and fiction, this climax held more reasoning to prepare me for my future. I learned to balance my healing energies so as not to over-exert the powers we are all born with. It is why I always speak and write about balance.

There is a popular Christian saying: God helps those who help themselves. I’ve never considered religious boundaries a brick wall that one is unable to cross or climb. All faiths are connected and hold many useful teachings. The Gods have always helped me when I needed them, mainly because I have spent much of my life working to take care of myself and balance my lifestyle so that I do not need much divine intervention or any kind of intervention.

It’s in my blood. My grandmother was a cute little Irish American woman who produced eight children. My grandfather was a WWII vet and spent his family life slaving away to provide for them. He had a good job and made a nice living, but with 10 mouths to feed it wasn’t easily stretched. They didn’t have everything. They lived off of faith.

It was my grandfather who taught my mother the power of controlling one’s body. He was the first person who taught me about manifesting visualization and utilizing that power to gain results. Faith is not hereditary, but experience can be passed down.

Those lessons are priceless. True faith gives power. What you do with that power is how your life will be lead. I choose to direct my energies where I feel they are best needed. This helped me during my pregnancies in order to have 4 successful homebirths.

If you want to know how this played into the birthing process read my latest article:

Healing and Faith Through Homebirthing — Edge of Humanity Magazine

3 thoughts on “Healing and Faith Through Homebirthing — Edge of Humanity Magazine

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 My Faith and Conviction is in Goddess, Mother Nature, EveryOne; because “God” is Lazy, My Father “God” has died from an ailment I do not know anything about while My Mother, Goddess, persists in to HER!!! 70s and My GrandMoms Body Passed after 120+ years outliving her husband by over half a century EveryBody…the point Being “He” doesn’t really know; while SHE!!! does know and wastes a lot of time worshipping “Him” who only plants seeds then nine months later, well Y’ALL Get The Picture


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